One of the largest social media tools is Facebook with a whopping 845 million users as of December 2011.

  • Purpose: Keep friends & family connected and interacting through posts, pictures, and videos
  • Users: Anyone! Businesses, organizations or individuals; there are some great gluten free bakeries that have Facebook pages including Babycakes NYC.
  • Business Uses: Human Resources (recruiting), Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales

Another social media network that is popular is LinkedIn with 150 million users in February 2012.

  • Purpose: Connect professionals with contacts and potential employers
  • Users: Business professionals who want to expand professional networks and make new contacts
  • Business Uses: Human Resources (recruiting)

Pintrest is an up and coming social media platform that as of January 2012 had 11.7 million users.

  • Purpose: Users create virtual pin boards with pictures they like and they can organize them into different categories and follow pinners they like. Only pictures or videos may be pinned.
  • Users: Anyone! Individuals, businesses, organizations
  • Business Uses: Many visually oriented organizations find Pintrest useful. I have found some great gluten free recipes on there!

OnlyWire is a social media engine.

  • Purpose: Provides publishers, bloggers, and search engine optimization professionals the ability to auto submit their content to 50+ SM sites.
  • Users: Businesses
  • Business Use: Saves time from needing to update multiple sites with the same content. This would be very helpful to marketing and a time saver.

Quora connects users to everything they want to know.

  • Purpose: Allows users to write new content to share content from web. Quora organizes the content so the user can find it by their interest.
  • Users: Individuals & Businesses
  • Business Use: Businesses can create content about their own knowledge base whether it is baking or landscaping. They can also answer questions posted by users and incorporate links to this content on their own site and SM pages. There was a question posted about gluten free bread that makes some good brand recommendations.

About jessmith87

I am learning about blogging and social media for a graduate class, take a look around and let me know what you think! Also, you can follow me on Twitter at: @JessSm87

2 responses »

  1. freddtessier says:

    Hi Jessica –

    May God bless your soul for adding these wonderful network applications. For a very long time I’ve been trying to figure out how to add one status message to multiple social network websites and I now have the outlet. I never heard of Only Wire before, how is the user experience as a whole?

  2. jessmith87 says:

    I have never used Only Wire, it is a service that the user has to pay for in order to post to multiple sites. As an indiviidual you purchase a certain number of posts a month, starting at 1,000. The cost for 1,000 posts a month is $10.00. A post is calculated as one post to one service so if you post the same post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, that would count as 3 posts. Only Wire is a very time saving service, it just depends on much you are willing to pay for that time.

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